Top 50 Places to Get Bubble Tea in Singapore

Top 50 Places to Get Bubble Tea in Singapore
By Adlin Zainal

Bubble tea has exploded in Singapore in the past few years! It seems like everywhere you go, there’s a new trend, whether it’s cheese tea or brown sugar milk tea. But, did you know that the first bubble tea fad was back in the early 2000s, with chains like Cool Station and Milk Girl Ice Cup? 

Clearly, bubble tea is here to stay, so it’s time to get on board. Wondering which store is worth the slurp? We’ve put together our list of the top 50 bubble tea shops in Singapore so you don’t have to waste your time on weak tea and tepid pearls! 

In no particular order, here’s our first 10.

1. Tiger Sugar Singapore

Tiger Sugar Singapore

If you’re a bubble tea junkie, Tiger Sugar 老虎堂 needs absolutely no introduction. A newcomer to the bubble tea scene, Tiger Sugar opened its first store in Taichung, Taiwan, only two years ago in 2017. But, although it is a younger chain, Tiger Sugar is already one of the most popular, thanks to its delicious signature drinks, the Brown Sugar Boba Milk! In fact, ‘Tiger Sugar’ is named after the distinctive streaks from the gooey brown sugar in this drink. 

Brave the long lines at any one of Tiger Sugar’s Singapore outlets and you’ll be rewarded with a menu of delectable drinks. Have a taste of their bestsellers, the Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse, or their Brown Sugar Pearl Milk with Cream Mousse. The drinks are a tad on the sweeter side and they do not allow drinks customization, so if you prefer to adjust sugar levels, bear that in mind. 

Contact Information
Capitol Singapore #B2-32
13 Stamford Road
Singapore 178905

Opening Hours: 11 am to 10 pm (Mon-Sun)



Ever heard of cheese tea? Well, legend has it that HEYTEA originated the first cheese tea, so you know who to thank if you enjoy a little fromage in your drink. They are one of China’s most popular bubble tea chain, specializing in cheese teas and fruit teas. HEYTEA also uses only the highest quality ingredients -- their cheese foam is imported from New Zealand and they incorporate fresh fruits in their drinks. 

Their most popular drink is, no surprise, their King Fone Cheezo Tea, a freshly brewed oolong tea with a generous layer of cheese foam. They use smoked tea leaves, which helps to bring out the unique flavors. Their fruit teas are light and delightfully fruity, so if you’re craving something a little different, give those a sip! 

Contact Information
2 Orchard Turn
#B4-29 ION Orchard
Singapore 238801

Opening Hours: 10 am to 10 pm (Mon-Sun)

3. Jenjudan


Jenjudan may be a little under the radar in Singapore, but it is incredibly popular back in its home country of Taiwan. It started off as a small stand at the famous Shilin Night Market in Taipei and now has stores in countries all over Asia. Their unique selling point is their brown sugar pearls, which are marinated in their homemade blend of caramelised brown sugar. 

If you are a dessert junkie, you’ll probably enjoy some of Jejudan’s popular drinks. Sure, you can try their best-selling brown sugar boba milk, but kick it up a notch and try their brown sugar boba Thai milk tea! If you are really adventurous, go for the Oreo version -- you won’t regret it. 

Contact Information
1 Raffles Link, 
#B1-13 CityLink Mall, Singapore 039393

Opening Hours: 11 am to 10 pm (Mon-Sun)

4.    Chi Cha San Chen

Chi Cha San Chen

Here is one for the tea lovers. Chi Cha San Chen is a chain that puts its tea front and center. Their drinks are crafted by professional Taiwanese tea masters using only the finest tea leaves from local farms in Taiwan. Their freshly brewed teas are made using a Teapresso machine that has high levels of customization, so you can create the best cup that suits your tastes. 

Wondering what to try? Chi Cha San Chen’s Ding Dong Oolong milk tea is award-winning, so it’s definitely worth a go. But, if you’re not a big fan of oolong tea in general, then we’d recommend getting their classic bubble milk tea or their Cassia Black Tea. 

Contact Information
313 Orchard Rd
#03 - 41 313@Somerset
Singapore 238895

Opening Hours: 11 am to 10 pm (Mon-Sun)

5. KOI The


When talking about bubble tea in Singapore, it’s impossible not to bring up KOI. With tons of new and trendy stores, KOI still manages to be a favorite of many bubble tea enthusiasts. They may be one of the most commercially successful chains, but they are affordable, delicious, and offers an extensive menu for even the fussiest of customers. 

A hot favourite at KOI is their black tea macchiato, a strong-bodied tea topped with foamy and scrumptious cream. Their different varieties of milk teas are popular as well, and we’d recommend trying their hazelnut milk tea. Don’t forget to get yours with pearls -- KOI’s pearls are chewy, not too sweet, and made with natural ingredients! 

Contact Information
68 Orchard Road 
#B2-11 Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839

Opening Hours: 10 am to 10 pm (Mon-Sun)

6. The Alley

The Alley

The Alley has made a name for itself as a premier bubble tea brand, with over 300 storefronts all across the globe. Their claim to fame? Their tapioca pearls, lovingly named Deerioca, which are freshly prepared daily and do not contain any artificial ingredients. This results in pearls that are ever so sweet, satisfyingly chewy, and have a much better aroma. 

The Alley’s signature drink is their Brown Sugar Deerioca Fresh Milk, which you can also get in matcha or cocoa variants, as well as the Snow Strawberry Lulu. If you head down to their Cineleisure branch, which is known as The Alley Luxe, you can also pick up freshly-baked pastries like croissants to go along with your teas! 

Contact Information
8 Grange Rd
#02-06A/B Grange Rd
Singapore 239695

Opening Hours: 12 pm to 10 pm (Mon-Sun)

7. Hollin


We’ve got to give it to Hollin (which, if you’re wondering, means ‘good to drink’ in Hokkien). In an incredibly competitive market, they’ve found a way to differentiate themselves with their flavored pearls. Yup, they offer a different flavor of pearl for every day of the week! It may sound like a novelty to you, but their pearls (and drinks) are all very enjoyable and definitely worth a try. 

Their honey white pearls are available daily, though if you’re keen to try all the other flavors, take note of the schedule: coffee pearls (Monday), matcha pearls (Tuesday), peanut pearls (Wednesday), sesame pearls (Thursday), rock salt pearls (Friday), coconut pearls (Saturday), and strawberry pearls (Sunday). Try any of these with their exclusive Rock Salt Macchiatos and you have a winner! 

Contact Information
190 Toa Payoh Central #01-538
Singapore 310190

Opening Hours: 10 am to 10 pm (Mon-Sun)

8. Milksha


Milksha has finally opened their first outlets in Southeast Asia, and it’s in none other than in Singapore! Easily one of the most recognizable bubble tea chains from Taiwan (which is no mean feat, since Taiwan is the birthplace of bubble tea), Milksha is an all-natural brand. This means they use 100% fresh milk and only natural ingredients in their drinks. This truly elevates the taste profile of their bubble tea! Oh, and did we mention that their pearls are literally air-flown into Singapore?

Their best-selling drinks are their Fresh Taro Milk (we’ve heard that they have the best taro milk in the country!) and their Azuki Matcha Milk. You can top any of these with their chewy honey pearls, or opt for something different like pudding or grass jelly. 

Contact Information
3 Temasek Blvd
#02-375/376 Suntec City
Singapore 038983

Opening Hours: 11 am to 10 pm (Mon-Sun)

9.  TP-Tea


If you are a true bubble tea fiend, then you are no doubt familiar with the name Chun Shui Tang. They are said to be the original creators of the bubble tea, but they also happen to be the parent company of TP-Tea. TP-Tea’s Changi Airport outlet operates all around the clock (yes, 24 hours!), so if you’re craving bubble tea at midnight, they have you covered. 

The most popular drink at TP-Tea is their Tie Guan Yin Tea Latte. Never heard of Tie Guan Yin? It is a premium strain of oolong tea that is slightly bitter. If that doesn’t sound like something you’d enjoy, take a gander at their classic Pearl Milk Tea instead. It tastes almost similar to Chun Shui Tang’s classic recipe, so it’s almost like you’re trying the OG bubble tea! 

Contact Information
60 Airport Blvd #026-015-01
Changi Airport Terminal 2 Departure Hall
Singapore 819643

Opening Hours: 24 hours daily

10. Nayuki


Nayuki has been growing rapidly since it entered the bubble tea scene just under 3 years ago, with over 200 stores under its belt and no end in sight. Their Instagram-ready drinks are beloved by hundreds of thousands of people, including many celebrities. Nayuki isn’t just a bubble tea store though, they are a ‘tea bakery’, which means they pair their wonderfully fresh and fruity teas with pastries. 

If you find yourself at Nayuki, we’d recommend trying anything with strawberries in it, such as their bestselling Supreme Cheese Strawberry drink. Their strawberries are so popular that Nayuki actually runs their very own strawberry farm to ensure a consistent supply of premium strawberries! 

Contact Information
1 Harbourfront Walk
#01-207 VivoCity
Singapore 098585

Opening Hours: 11 am to 10 pm (Mon-Sun)