Can Ear Wax Removal Cause Bleeding in the ear?


Having ear wax is natural. However, most people are who consult with the expert team at Dr Ben Medical ear wax removal in Singapore are mostly worried if ear wax removal cause bleeding and if you can just clean your ears in order to avoid having this happen?

These are all great questions that we will attempt to answer in this blog post! But before we get started with the facts, let us go over some background information.

Ear wax is produced by glands in the outer part of your ear canal. This substance helps trap dust particles and prevent them from getting further into your ear.

Excessive amounts of this wax can often become problematic, clogging up space in your ear canal and causing temporary hearing loss or even an infection if left untreated for too long. Also known as cerumen (by the way, cerumen in Latin means 'wax'), this substance is a protective mechanism, and all people produce it.

When done carefully and under close observation by an experienced physician, Ear wax removal in Singapore can be very effective in preventing further hearing loss and infections. But there is one factor we need to consider: ear wax contains blood vessels that provide blood flow to the skin of your ear canal.

So what does this mean? After all, bleeding can be quite dangerous if not properly treated. Well, think of it like this: if you were to remove too much of this wax at once (by improperly using cotton swabs or any other object), you might damage the blood vessels, and they could start leaking some vital blood out of your ear.

Don't panic just yet; here's where things get interesting! The good news is that this type of bleeding in the ears is not very common, and it can be treated by simply keeping your head elevated for a couple of hours to improve blood flow. That way, the blood will stop flowing so easily away from your ear canal.

Of course, if you feel pain or persistent discomfort, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor to make sure there are no other complications. To conclude on the question; does an ear wax removal cause bleeding in the ear?

The answer is; yes! However, this side effect is not very common and easy to treat if done carefully by keeping your head elevated for a few hours after the procedure. If you feel any pain or express persistent discomfort that does not seem to go away after a couple of days, schedule an appointment with your doctor. They will perform an evaluation of your ear canal and determine if there are any further complications associated with bleeding. In general, however, proper care and hygiene should help prevent this from happening so you can continue enjoying your favourite activities without unwanted interruptions!

Is it a bad sign if your Ear Begins to Bleed After Cleaning?

Another common question we get asked by patients who are interested in ear wax removal in Singapore is if it is a bad sign when ear wax removal results in bleeding. Now, while it's true that this is a risk associated with the procedure, the good news is that bleeding in the ears after wax removal does not often occur.

In fact, if the treatment is performed by a professional or you follow all of their instructions carefully, chances are slim to none that this will happen! With that being said, you shouldn’t bleed after cleaning your ears. If that happens most often, be sure to schedule an appointment with an ear doctor for a complete medical evaluation.

How dangerous is Ear Wax?

There are many types of people who should clean their ears more often. This includes people who are exposed to dirt or dust on a regular basis, people who work in dirty environments, and people with allergies who may notice that their ears become clogged up faster than usual. The built-up wax can lead to temporary or permanent hearing loss if it is not treated, so the question isn't really "how much risk" is involved - but rather why do ear wax removal procedures sometimes cause bleeding?

As we mentioned above, blood vessels at the root of each piece of wax enter your ear canal. Removing too much at once can damage these vessels and therefore start bleeding though this is quite rare. Not only that, but you run the risk of pushing small pieces of the wax deeper into your ear canal, which can become problematic as well.

Having said that; while it's true that removing too much ear wax can cause your blood vessels to break and lead to bleeding, the risk of this happening is not very common. It is also worth pointing out that wax removal professionals like doctors or nurses do this type of procedure multiple times a day without any major problems occurring - which means it's mostly safe!

All you have to do is pay close attention to how they're removing your wax and make sure they don't go too deep inside the opening of your ear canal. The same principles apply if you attempt to do it yourself: don't force it and let them know right away if you accidentally push some wax deeper than expected so they can remove it immediately.

Get Professional Ear removal Services

Do you want to remove ear wax? There are many ways you can do this at home, but it is important to get the proper treatment if your ears are blocked. As we mentioned above, ear wax removal can cause bleeding in some cases.

If you want to visit a doctor or nurse who will know precisely what they're doing and make sure the ear wax removal in Singapore is safe for you, then look no further than Dr Ben Medical ear wax removal in Singapore! Here, we have expert information on how to properly perform an ear-cleaning in case you don't have enough time to go to the doctor's office. You just have to follow our simple steps to learn more! Send us a quick email or give us a call at or +65 8886 7890 to book your appointment.


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