Nose Thread Lift in Singapore - A Quick Guide

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Compared to other races, Southeast Asian noses have very distinct features that many desire to improve: low nose bridge, plus a round and bulbous nose tip. Surgical rhinoplasty, which is major surgery, used to be the only way to achieve a tall and slim nose bridge, and a pointed nose tip. In this light, a lot of Singaporeans, despite the wish of improving their noses, shy away from this procedure because of the risks that come with it. Not to mention the expensive cost!

If you are still on the search for an effective, but a non-invasive way to get the nose you want, this article is written just for you! Read on to know more about nose thread lifts.

First things first, what is nose thread lift?

A nose thread lift is an aesthetic enhancing procedure that uses polydioxanone (PDO) threads that are inserted in the nose to give it height and improve its shape. We spoke to Dr Edwin Lim, an aesthetic doctor at Edwin Lim Clinic in Singapore, about the various aspects of the procedure and here is what we learned.

What are the pros of nose thread lift?

A nose thread lift is best used for defining and contouring the nose. It is effective in giving the nose bridge a high, thin shape and a lift at the tip. This procedure works well with people that have sebaceous skin. The threads are also able to promote collagen production that helps improve the appearance of the nose. Risk of blindness and skin necrosis is also avoidable in this procedure.

What are the cons of nose thread lift?

Compared to nose fillers or surgical rhinoplasty, a nose thread lift may not be able to give accurate correction. Nose thread lift may also end up being too costly when the need for PDO threads to be used in the procedure is extensive. Improper insertion of the threads in the nose can also result to migration, extrusion, and infection. Lastly, the threads used cannot be dissolved and this procedure is not able to correct severe nasal dorsal bumps.

How is the nose thread lift procedure done?

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Cleansing of the nose area is initially done in preparation for the nose thread lift procedure. Next, anaesthesia or numbing cream is applied to avoid pain or discomfort during the insertion of the threads. The doctor then marks certain parts of the nose where the threads are to be inserted to ensure accuracy. Once done, the threads are then inserted either into the nose bridge or tip using a blunt cannula to improve its features.

How long does it take for the nose thread lift procedure to be complete?

The nose thread lift procedure can be done in as quickly as 20 minutes.

How long is the downtime needed after a nose thread lift in Singapore?

Fortunately, procedures like nose thread lift in Singapore does not require a long downtime. Patients who have undergone this procedure are able to return to their usual daily routine right after the procedure.

How many sessions are needed to see results?

A single session if nose thread lift is enough to see immediate results on your nose.

What results to expect after a nose thread lift procedure?

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Patients can expect some swelling and discolouration around the treated area. There is no need to worry as these will wear off after a few days.

What are things to avoid after a nose thread lift procedure?

Physical activities that are strenuous should be avoided, as well as facial massages. Certain medications like anti-coagulant and some vitamins should also be avoided, but with doctor’s advice. Patients should also skip the alcohol after a procedure as this can may cause bruising to worsen. Makeup can still be applied, but with extreme care. Avoid the areas where the threads were inserted.

How long do the results of nose thread lift last?

Unfortunately, the results of a nose thread lift procedure are not permanent. Results, however, can last for as long as 2 years. To achieve maximum results, patients are advised to skip smoking as this vice can speed up signs of aging and exposes patients to a higher rate of collagen loss.

What brands of threads are commonly used for nose thread lift in Singapore?

The most common brands used by a lot of doctors in Singapore are UltraV and ArtLift.

What are the factors that affect the cost of a nose thread lift procedure?

There are several factors that affect a nose thread lift procedure, such as consultation fees, doctor’s fees, the brand of thread to be used, and most importantly, the number of threads to be used.

Will the procedure affect my breathing?

Nose thread lifts are safe and will not affect a patient’s breathing as the threads inserted do not touch the internal nasal cavity.

Can nose thread lift be done with another procedure?

nose filler treatment

Yes, the procedure can be combined together with nose fillers.

Is nose thread lift also applicable for men?

Yes, nose thread lift is also applicable for men.

Is everyone suited for a nose thread lift procedure?

Unfortunately, people who have undergone surgical rhinoplasties are not suitable for a nose thread lift procedure.