Qualities of a Good SEO Consultant in Singapore

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To some, SEO seems to be like black magic. However, Healthmark SEO consultants who have worked on the field for years, they will surely tell you that it is not at all anything like black magic. They will also tell you that if to achieve long-term success, there aren’t any quick magical tricks that an SEO can provide for your website to rank high in the search engine results. And as important it is to have a good and well-experienced SEO consultant, finding one can be tricky.

This article shares tips on how to spot a good SEO consultant so that you won’t make the common mistake of hiring a poor SEO consultant, one who you might pay a lot of money but cannot deliver positive results or even worse, one who implements shady SEO practices on your website that can lower your search ranking.

To help you hire a good SEO, take note of these positive qualities of a good SEO consultant:

1. Doesn’t only focus on rankings but most importantly, how they can help your business.

With that being said, a good SEO consultant gives utmost interest in your business from a holistic standpoint. If a potential SEO consultant doesn’t seem to complement your existing work and only care about the ranking, then I suggest that you look elsewhere. While high ranking is definitely the goal, your SEO should be able to know your business goals, target market as well as existing marketing efforts.

2. Recommends best SEO practices on how to improve your ranking and create a great brand.

Recommends best SEO practices

After an audit of your website, a recommended SEO company should be able to provide you with these the following key information:

  • The issue(s) that need to be resolved to help your website rank higher
  • Their recommended approach and strategies to improve the issue(s)
  • An estimate of  the time, money and energy it would take to implement the improvement
  • An insight on the online competitive landscape concerning your business, products or services
  • A clear picture of how the improvements will get you higher rankings and create a positive impact (i.e. improved searcher experience, increased number of visitors and conversions) on your business or website

These important bits of information will help prevent hiring a poor SEO consultant who might otherwise encourage you to do useless or bad SEO practices such as buying links or stuffing your website with keywords. Search engines strongly advise against these bad SEO practices they will only cost you more money without positive results.

3. Has high search engine ranking and has well-written blogs on the SEO company site.

Try visiting your potential SEO’s website if there are compelling and quality contents on their website. If the SEO company doesn’t have well-written content arranged in a useful manner, it begs the question as to how it will help yours. Also check if the SEO company has high rankings as this criterion should be vital, if not the most accurate indicator of the expertise of your SEO consultant.

4. Willing to show client portfolio.

The quality and reliability of the company can be highlighted by the range of their clients in multiple industries or their specific industry niche. A good SEO consultant should be willing to share their SEO work on past clients so you can have a proper basis to gauge their performance. As a pro tip, go out of your way by checking references from past clients. Make sure that you know what the past client’s experience with the SEO consultant were. Ask questions that will give you a better insight into how past clients were guided and how successful and effective their SEO campaign was.

5. Good Communication Skills

The communication level with the SEO consultant should be good and comforting. It helps as you need to deal with the company on a long-term basis. The SEO consultant and your developers should be able to effectively talk with one another so both parties can have a better understanding of technical constraints that may arise. When deciding to hire an SEO consultant, ask yourself and your team the following questions:

  • Do they seem like somebody that you can trust what they’re saying?
  • Do they give you good vibes?
  • Do you feel like they are someone you can learn from?
  • Do they genuinely care about your business?

When your answer to all these questions is yes, then this SEO company or consultant should probably be on your shortlist of ones to consider.

6. Has a good number of team members to work on your SEO campaign.

Team members working on your SEO campaign

The SEO team should have a good number of team members that are composed of digital marketers, managers, writers, web designers and most importantly, SEO experts. It is important that you know who is actually going to be actually handling the day-to-day of your SEO campaign as you will be dealing with these people in the long run. It is always good to know that the one doing your SEO has a great team to support your SEO campaign and has got credible experience on the field.

7. Has the right balance between the quality of work and the cost of services.

Another common mistake you can make when hiring an SEO consultant is by making the cost the SEO services as your top criteria for choosing the company. There are agencies out there that offer their services at a very low price that it can be so hard to say no to. However, do note that good quality and low process do not always go together. Good SEO consultants have the right balance between the quality of work and cost of services.


The success of your SEO campaign greatly depends on the expertise of your SEO consultant.  So, make sure you get the best value of from your investment by hiring an SEO consultant that can prioritize what ideas can bring your business the best improvement for the least investment and eventually, help your business forge a path ahead and grow in the long term. Hopefully, you have picked up valuable information form this article and best of luck to you and your business.


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